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Professional Chefs


The facilities consist of more than 10 Baking Workshops, 5 Classrooms, 2 Student Meeting Rooms as well as a Cafe Showroom.

Baking Workshops

The baking workshops are well-equipped with state-of-the-art industry standard equipment and tools to facilitate students learning and adapt to the I-world kitchen environment.


All air-conditioned classrooms are equipped with teaching aids - Audio/Visual equipment, LCD Projector and high speed broadband wireless Internet access with seating capacity ranging from 21 to 46.

Chef Instructors & Lecturers

The team of committed & experienced Lecturers & Chef Instructors are subject matter experts and industry professionals. The well thought-out lesson plans coupled with innovative pedagogical methods, students learning requirements are met.

Student Support Resources

With a dedicated student support services team, students' academic and non-academic needs are well taken care of. The wraparound support includes pastoral counselling, academic progression plan and career & internship guidance among others. All these can be done in the privacy of the dedicated students' meeting rooms.

Beyond Classroom

To deliver a vibrant learning experience, students can look forward to a host of exciting off classroom activities & programmes. that the school organises. These include outdoor learning experiences, career workshops, series of competitions, and outreach programmes to name a few. These activities are designed to benefit the students in many ways, including to create social opportunities, broadening perspective, provide a productive break from study to improve mental well-being and many more.

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